This was one of the defining moments of Purpose Rwanda particularly to A Girl of Purpose program. This, majorly, used to be an indoor program activity. Following its rising popularity and demand by many of Purpose Rwanda Friends and Supporters. A quick change in policy by Executive Directorate resulted in piloting A Girl of Purpose session in King David as an outreach program in order to meet the popular demand and need as important aspect for Female Students. All the Girls from Senior three to six attended this session with marked enthusiasm, inspiration, and acknowledgment of the powerful message taken by Purpose Rwanda. Purpose Rwanda team was warmly welcomed in King David College by English and Literature Class Teacher and all the staff and students present in the main hall. The Administrative and Public Relations Officer of Purpose Rwanda introduced Her Teammates from Purpose Rwanda. She was delighted to do this as an Old Girl of Kind David. This was an inspirational moment to her, her former teachers, and the young girls as well. During the king David visit, there were various topics presented and discussed with the students and they are as follow: Why Female Students should have Purposes at all levels of their academic life? Importance of awareness about all forms of addiction to Female Students today; The impact of addiction to Female Students; How much Important it is for the Youths particularly the Girl Child of and in Rwanda to avoid indulging and refraining from Pre-Marital Sex at All Costs? In what ways can the Girl Child prevent becoming a victim of all forms of addiction? At the end of the presentations, students though had very little time to ask questions, however, some of the students had these questions:

• How can one live a life free from addiction to drugs?

• What can we do to increase our relationship with our parents today since they seem to be overtaken by their works and having less time to hear us out?

• Will Purpose Rwanda visit King David again in the near future?

• Why are there very many young people involved in drugs and alcohol? The questions raised by the students may depict many things: that there is a growing demand for the Organization to stretch itself near and far to ensure sufficient outreach to schools in 2019. The young girls were impressed by the presentations.

In the end, many were freely interacting with Purpose Rwanda Team and asking further questions about the session and Purpose Rwanda. More and more answers were given to them. This event was very successful. Overall, Purpose Rwanda has brought a positive impact and positive message to the young girls as expressed through interviews and answers obtained by Purpose Rwanda TV Presenter. Following successful piloting of A Girl of Purpose Session in King David College, the session will be both as in-door and outdoor program. The message remains clear: Creating Purposes and prevention of addiction among the Youth as well as fighting harms or effect of addiction.