Counseling Sessions (CS)


Through counseling services to the addiction patient, perspectives of acceptable norms of life and values are built. The core focus of Purpose Rwanda is to ensure an addiction patient finds love, care and protection in life. It is crucial that addiction patients are made to acknowledge that God has better plan for them other than life threatening drug, alcohol or sex.   Counseling helps in preventing traumatic experiences, suicide, making bad decisions, premature deaths due to the influence of addiction. Counseling saves lives and helps in self-rediscovery so as to rebuild something new in an addiction patient. Purpose Rwanda offers counseling services either individually or in group. Counseling services are extended to the family members of the addicts because they too are affected by the addicted family member. Counseling service to the family members helps to cure historical root of addiction if any or prevent other family members becoming the next direct victims. The message to these category remains the same: Purposeful, Positive, and Addiction-free living in order to contribute in self sufficiency, community development and national transformation leading to poverty eradication in Rwanda