Addicts Anonymous (AA)


Addicts Anonymous is a fellowship of young men and women who share their experiences, strengths and hope in tackling their common problem due to addictions leading to gradual and sustainable recovery from addiction. The participants and venue also remain anonymous in order to enable addicts’ trust that this project is first and foremost about themselves but not to victimize them. In a situation where the addicts share their stories and experiences, their individual and collective aspirations and hope to recovery is deeply formed and built. Those who face alcohol addiction, drug addiction and sex addiction are helped to embrace rejecting the negative behaviors created by addiction and start a renewed life. Addiction kills, damages human health, destroys communities, handicaps human ability to act rationally, affects personal, family, community and national development. Be part of addict anonymous and recover from addiction. The message to this category remains the same: Purposeful, Positive, and Addiction-free living in order to contribute in self sufficiency, community development and national transformation leading to poverty eradication in Rwanda