Every person is born with a purpose that stands out among all his/her passions. Naturally, that purpose is intended to be the brand of that particular individual throughout their life style, which subsequently should be that individual’s contribution to the development of their society.
However, most people’s purposes don’t surface, don’t mature, and don’t come out, don’t expand or live the taste of time due to Addictions. Addictions to a larger extent have been the reason hindering the growth of purposes among humans. Addictions have caused depression, severe pain and loss, addictions have led to unproductive and miserable living among a number of people.

Purpose Rwanda therefore understands that if our society is to grow in all sectors of life, we must be free of addictions. It’s from that background that Purpose Rwanda came up with a program called the “BEAUTY OF THE FREE AND THE FREED” Where both preventive and intervention measures to fight addictions are convened. A number of Purposeful people convene in small groups to go through sessions designed to prevent anybody from getting addicted (addiction awareness) and to as well help recover anybody addicted (counselling and in some aspects treatment referrals)- thus the Beauty of the Free and the Freed.

These sessions take place twice in a week at Purpose Rwanda Head office. If you would like to join the Beauty of the Free and the freed program, kindly follow the link below and fill the attached form with your details.