Access to Education for the Orphans and the Vulnerable (AEOV)


This is a Capacity Development Project that falls under Purpose Development and Support. As Purpose Rwanda banks on purposeful and addiction free citizens to be the baseline for Rwanda’s socio-economic development, we still have a number of citizens who are vulnerable, orphaned and can’t afford to access education and other basics of life, like health and regular feeding. That makes it hard for these citizens to live a dignified and a happy life, let alone contribute to their nation’s development. As such Purpose Rwanda humbly reaches out to a relative number of the orphaned and the vulnerable to ensure they also sustain themselves and consequently contribute to the socio-economic development of our nation. Purpose Rwanda will be contributing to enable the orphans and the vulnerable discover their purposes and this will be supported in order to grow and develop for personal and community development. The vulnerable and orphans are susceptible to addiction due trauma in which they find themselves, they are likely to be driven by the world than driving the world. They are more likely to become hopeless, helpless and faithless. Purpose Rwanda works with them to re-ignite in them the value of having their life’s blue print, work on achieving them no matter what their circumstances are.  The vulnerable in our project include but not limited to the victims (youth) of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, People with Disabilities (PWDs), refugees, girls who are victims of rape, Internally displaced persons (IDPs) due to climatic factors or related factors. The message to these category remains the same: Purposeful, Positive, and Addiction-free living in order to contribute in self sufficiency, community development and national transformation leading to poverty eradication in Rwanda