Purpose Rwanda background

In an era that has been hit massively by addictions, negativity and limited resources, a lot of talent and gifts have been put to waste.

Addictions, Negativity and lack of Purpose in life have badly and extensively affected today’s generation, mostly the youth, so to mention adults, thus limiting our society to altogether evolve around a common development path.

For any society to grow and develop into a strong socio-economic power, a foundation stone of Purpose, Positive and Addiction Free values is paramount in the process. All are very essential because they stretch the human body and mind, society/system to reach its/their set targets as they create optimism which comes with power and belief of doing things.

However, a substantial gap still exists between the demand for the call of Purposeful, Positive and Addiction free living visa Vis the ability of the citizens to provide it.

PURPOSE RWANDA’s strategic development plan therefore recognizes the two components as part of the cross-sectoral areas that need to be strengthened to foster socio-economic development among the citizenry and that is;

  • Purpose Development and Support
  • Positive and Addiction Free living (Fight Against Addiction)

This initiative is therefore, designed to build a Purposeful, Positive and Addiction free Generation in a bid to bring about socio-economic transformation.

The initiative also builds upon lessons learnt from the history Rwanda went through from 1962- 1994 characterized by bad governance including 1994 Rwandan Genocide against the Tutsi, so to mention the reason for our own existence.