PR Reading Crown club is one of the most informative and purpose development sessions created with a view of building purposes among reading club participants. Purpose Rwanda being an organization that focuses on building a purposeful, positive and addiction-free generation; we are convinced that one may hardly find success in any endeavor in life without sufficient information about what they are pursuing. That forms the basis why Purpose Rwanda has now integrated reading clubs in its activity programs to help people develop a culture of reading, critical thinking in small groups which upholds internalization, brainstorming and sharing of ideas on controversial issues and enhance group learning.

As a saying goes “united we stand”,  through reading clubs participants come to read, learn and share ideas about selected article/book in a weekly session. This helps reading club participants to develop skills, learn from one another and encouraging each other to learn and develop their respective purposes. Purpose Rwanda believes that the way to develop one’s mind is to think outside the box which involves reading and skills cultivation, in the end it stretches individuals’ abilities and finally reading helps to informed perspective of the world and inter-personal roles in social economic development.