A Girl of Purpose

A Girl of Purpose is one of Purpose Rwanda’s key programs that falls under purpose development and support; an initiative of capacity development. Naturally, a young girl needs support from their parents, the community in which they leave, faith based organizations, individuals, the state, and NGOs like Purpose Rwanda. Purpose Rwanda commits its expertise in doing all that it takes to give direction to girls to discover their purposes in life and live by them as well as to lead a positive and addiction free life. Purpose is a reason of doing something, therefore a girl of purpose is a girl whose life is intended to do something positive for herself, her family, and the nation as well as the world. How? By believing in herself, thinking positive with a big picture, and being driven by rational ideas where she accepts healthy pieces of advice that helps her grow into adulthood, for she will have a crucial role to play in any society. She is a future mother, the first teacher to her children and therefore, her growth should be merited on a solid ground with care and protection. A Girl of Purpose sets objectives in her life and does not let anything distract her until she achieves the objectives. And above all, she is aware of what is happening in her life, and she is responsible for it, but she needs a guidance of value from correct sources paired with a positive mind set, ambition, and patience. In the contemporary world, when the toll of the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS continuously effects African populations, this causes a massive loss to the future prospects of socio-economic transformation. When all nations are aware that the young girl is a future engine of human growth and development, Purpose Rwanda will make some pertinent contribution in ensuring she becomes increasingly aware of her purposes in life and to stay positive, addiction free as a future mother, leader, and parent of the future generation in Rwanda for national, regional, and international socio-economic transformation. The message remains the same: Purposeful, Positive, and Addiction-free living.