Purpose Rwanda held a University Conference at the University of Tourism and Business (UTB) on 17th October 2019 under the theme: “Youth Empowerment through Purpose/Skills Development and Fighting Addictions”. Purpose Rwanda Team delivered presentations in line with the theme. The conference took place in the main hall of the university hosting more than two hundred students with some Lecturers and the Dean of Students in attendance.

Students were guided about “The essence of leading a life guided by actively evolving purposes in an academic journey” This topic was very important to the students so that their studies comprise a needed fruit and balance for the community and country they love. Above all, the presentation aided the students in discovering their purposes at an early stage so as to aid personal growth and community development.

Students were equally ushered to living a Positive and an Addiction Free life: A more solid lecture was given on “Dangers posed by drugs and alcohol addiction towards personal and community development and where the solution lies.

The impact of the conference, in general, was so insightful and had a far-reaching positive impact on the students who committed to living a Purposeful, Positive and Addiction Free Life.

Purpose Rwanda Club was planted at the University to oversee the growth of this mission that will undoubtedly contribute to the socio-economic transformation of our nation and world.