Supporting addiction patients to recover and rediscover themselves constitute a significant element in human capital development towards self sustainability and socio-economic transformation in the communities they live in.
To achieve recovery, deliberate efforts invested in fighting addictions should be buttressed in national interest and vision of enriching community participation in fighting poverty and therefore, national development.
Purpose Rwanda’s noble contribution in the lives of the victims of addictions is anchored in ensuring that those who are willing to embark on the journey of recovery increasingly become participants in community development. The organization’s therapy and counseling services, remote services and addicts anonymous meetings are all tailored towards improving the mindset of victims of addiction towards life, love of their own lives and accepting to be responsive to family and community aspirations.
This report through formidable efforts indicates hope for recovery in spite of cases of relapse. It also underscores that the role played by watchmen and watchwomen is fundamental in overcoming addiction problems in their respective communities. This report further suggests, if more and more partners stand with Purpose Rwanda in fighting addictions to alcohol, drugs, sex and others: together, we can build a Purposeful and Addiction Free Generation for a shared destiny.