On Friday 17th May 2019, the Beauty of The Free and Freed took  place under the  theme: “Positive Life style”. Topics and questions for discussion focused on describing and understanding  forms of Addictions, sharing direct and indirect experiences related to addiction and the difference between positive and negative life style.


Everyone was given the opportunity to introduce him/herself and what he or she does for a living. The session started with a movie about an America model and singer named Dami Lavato. It was a documentary about her life style which developed and later on turned into a tragic one-Addiction. Participants discussed about her experience and shared views on how such could be avoided by youths today. They suggested that young girls or youth should value the life and blessing that God gave them and make use of such gift to inspire or develop others, do what is possible to create positive legacy, and they should initiate life  projects that may employ many people.

The following questions were discussed: 

Firstly, what are some of the experiences of addiction that you have encountered? Faridah had this to say: “that she had a friend who was into sex, more like a sex addict. It was serious that it cost her a lot; that she was not certain with her boyfriend and that she has to have numerous sexual intercourse to feel good and safe”.

Purpose Rwanda advised that such person should be invited to attend beauty of the free and freed session which may help her in order to be freed.

She also shared about the life style of a brother who was in drugs and alcohol and is now imprisoned and wished she could be helped.

She pointed out her personal addiction to radio to the extent that even in class she hopes lectures would end early so that she would not miss a particular program.

Clarise has her own story: “she can’t do away with Koran movie series which mostly distract her time even her academics”.

Secondly, what is the difference between a positive life and negative life style. It was said that any life or activities that cause depression, severe pain, loss, unproductive and miserable living among people is a negative life style.

A positive life style contributes to development and brings change to the society. However, every positive life style has a good benefit on the person involved, it develops you and grow with it.  We therefore encourage each other to live a positive life style, ask for help if you are suffering with any problem and addiction.

Purpose Rwanda encourages the participants and readers to value life and leave it well. Life style should not become enslavement and a misleading guide that drives one into addiction. The doors of the organization is open to help the youth solve their personal problems that result into addiction through counseling and guidance.