On Monday 30th August 2021, Purpose Rwanda conducted a training session for Purposeful Agents of Transformation (PATs) with a Theme: “developing our life purposes for self-sustainability and socio-economic transformation in our communities”.

PATs exchanging ideas after the training

This session, it is the place to widen the capacity and chances of young people in gaining additional knowledge and skills needed for their effective involvement in order to identify community needs and problems so as to shape collective consciousness and responsiveness in addressing such needs and problems. The training is a crucial pillar to enable the youth become effective participants in self-sustainability and community transformation towards poverty eradication.

PATs were reminded that Purpose Rwanda will continue to organize regular training sessions as a means of support to the growth of individual life purposes.  The briefing also entails re-orienting participants about the stages followed by every PAT in the process of nurturing them in serving humanity through their life purposes.

Purpose Rwanda’s services such as purpose development, skills development, visibility opportunities and National and International networking are crucial bed rock in creating opportunities for the young people in making significant contributions for sustainable Nation building.

Rwanda cannot sustainably exist without increasing the number of Purposeful Agents of Transformation in families and communities. That is what Purpose Rwanda is doing in line with national interest in fighting poverty.  Youth empowerment today is central factor so that the empowerment is anchored in meeting national priorities and interests for the current and future generations.

PATs took group photo after the training

PATs participation in socio-economic transformation should bear global and continental aspirations but geared towards national development. Self-sustainability aims at achieving broader national interest. This is Purpose Rwanda’s advice to the youth during the training.

In order to build a Purposeful and Addiction Free Generation, Partnerships make everyone walk far and succeed, partnership makes human aspirations gain stronger pace for a common good, and partnership makes Purpose Rwanda implement its mandate better leading to poverty eradication in communities.