I voice this out not because am part of Purpose Rwanda but because am Human.

You realize that most of us have been lucky to have basic necessities of life such as shelter, food, health facilities, and salaries, name it all. In fact sometimes we get very lucky that we even forget that some people out there barely get access to either.

The Old lady you see in pictures barely eats
The Old lady you see in pictures barely sleeps
The Old lady you see in the pictures gets rained on inside her house
The Old lady you see in pictures hasn’t recently experienced what we call “Love one another” love at all
All the Old Lady in pictures knows about is PAIN and ISOLATION.

But one thing for sure is that YOU and ME can turn her life around and make it blossom by;

Providing her a stable shelter with proper roofing
providing her a stable source of daily bread
showing her Love.

Any contribution/donation to this cause will be much appreciated and will serve an honorable job given the situation at hand.

For more information on how to give or partner in this great cause, kindly contact us at info@purposerwanda.org.

Thank you so much and may God bless you.

“What you are, am not and What I am, you are not”