Something that fights us should severely be fought back. Fighting Addictions and succeeding in it presents a tangible opportunity though which every energy and soul that was invested in drugs and alcohol consumption in perilous way can be converted to something that is worth dying for. It’s worth dying for when everyone is fighting poverty in many ways using the available means that we can access both within and without our territory.


Our experience shows that the moment we come together to tackle any challenge that we experienced, we emerge victorious. Let’s look back and count those challenges we faced but solved them: addiction can also go.

The stack fact is: “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” Building a Purposeful and Addiction Free Generation, when catapulted by our sustained resolve exhibited over the years, we will win.

The statistics of recovery status in May, 2022 indicates in total 352 patients have recovered. Converting all these as Purposeful Agents of Transformation helps in poverty eradication.

Together we can build a Purposeful and Addiction Free Generation.