The year 2020 is on. It’s a tradition that individuals, organizations, and nations renew their promises, aspirations, and commitments towards progress and transformation on achieving their set targets and vision. Purpose Rwanda started the new year with a Fellowship that brought together young men and young women who vowed to step up focusing on their dreams and purposes in order to serve their communities and nation better and every day. The fellowship had this Theme: “Purposeful Living in Our Times as a Compass for Successful Generation”. 

According to Martin Luther King Jr.  “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the Broader Concerns of All Humanity” The inspirational quote of King together with the theme helped to spur critical thinking, critical discussion and strategic development of individual purposes in order to achieve a collective benefit. 

The main presenter underscored the importance of consciousness by all generations about the future generations. That the bills of the current generation should not be left as a burden for the future generation. It is crucial that the available resources of today are used sustainably so as to set a good and solid foundation for the future generation. 

What the current generation plans to do and doing should be a Compass to the future generation. Compass helps to determine and follow the correct direction, it helps the youth to navigate and strive to lead a life guided by purpose, positivity, and addiction free. The participants further discussed that the factors that inspire purposeful life should rotate around problem-solving. Purposeful living should always focus on solving the problem of poverty, unemployment, lack of sustainability of development projects, inadequate entrepreneurial growth and development in Africa among others. 

The youth challenge themselves to discover and grow their purposes and use them to steer transformation in their communities and in Rwanda. That their contribution to Rwanda helps to speed up progress in socio-economic development in Rwanda and in the continent. While having this discussion, the participants also conveyed some message to the youth, it was a message that demands positive thinking and response: factors derailing one from falling in love with purposeful living. There is a number of factors including

  • Addiction 
  • Procrastination 
  • Problem related to human attitude 
  • Bad peer influence 
  • Laziness 
  • Fear factor 
  • Negative mindset 
  • Individualism as opposed to initiating projects that draw partnership among the youth
  • Lack of resilience and sacrificial life
  • The attitudinal problem among many others. 

You cannot afford to do wrong things and expect the young ones see light in it. When there is light, there is hope in it, when you make them see light, they see courage in it when you make them see light, there are dreams and purpose in it, in light there is wisdom, enduring commitment humanity. The lesson here is, no matter what you do today, it should be what is right, do it well and with the commitment for this sets the example for generations.