This was again an interesting moment at Purpose Rwanda, a moment of reading, reflection, and speaking. There was a marked level of familiarity, because it was a continuity from previously learned skills. The objective of the reading was to help the readers develop the skills in brain storming as well as remain clearly expressive. This reading session was a continuation of 28th February, 2019 where we read more chapters from Living in the Light novel by Shakti Gawain.

In this session, it became more interesting and fun since all the participants were ladies, so it was a ladies’ reading moment. They were vigorously involved in asking questions and answering. This also gave them an opportunity to practice brain storming which was quite difficult for some of them. In a situation where there are no male participants, the ladies find no other option but to take an active part. This was a lesson that when ladies take reading very seriously, there is hope they will benefit significantly.

The brainstorming questions were picked from the books that every participant read, but the answers were as a result of critical thinking and critical communication. One question reads: Do you love your inner universe? This was posed by one participant called Angle Fortunate.

This was a great question because we came to realize that sometimes we pretend to say we love ourselves yet it’s not the fate. When you love your inner universe, you would always do your best to bring out the best of it. In the context of Purpose Development, it enhances focus to meaning in life. One tends to treasure the little things the outer universe gives him/her. The outer universe has far more challenges than one may imagine, a critical thinker finds guide and encouragement in the books he/she reads.

What are some of the foods we feed our inner universe to grown and bear fruits on the outer universe we live in? What have we failed to let go that isn’t impactful in our inner universe?

Another crucial question is: Do we try to hear or listen to our inner voices? This was asked by Olive Uwimana.

Do you believe in your inner voice? When it tries to communicate, do you try to give it time to speak?  Additionally, how do you react to it when it speaks? These were all the sub questions we brain stormed together.

Some of us didn’t get direct answers to these questions but it left us asking ourselves one great question: Have we even created time for our inner voice to communicate?

“When reading we don’t fall in love with the character, we fall in love with their words, their thoughts, and their hearts. We fall in love with their souls,” says Gloria, the Purpose Development Strategist.

Some quick facts about reading

  • Reading is fun
  • Reading is discovering and learning
  • Reading is an adventure (dreaming with eyes wide open)
  • Reading is experiencing the other side of the world with a friend