The School Outreach was guided by the theme:  Purposive Youth and War Against Addiction to National Development at all Times. With the Help of the Strategic Areas of intervention, Purpose Rwanda’s  main idea was to create awareness among the students/youths of St. Paul International School. That there are dangers and consequences associated to addiction. There is a saying in Kinyarwanda that says: “A tree is straightened at its young state”. There isn’t a really exact meaning or saying of it in English but the more we reach to young people, the stronger and mature leaders of the future will be. Not even just leaders, also a people who know what life means. A people who understand and know what their purposes entail to the wellbeing of others and are being prepared to develop the next generation’s purposes in turn. In this, Purpose Rwanda contributes in supporting the sustainability of socio-economic development through youth empowerment.

In the context of purpose development session, the reflection was on what is it to have a Purpose and how to work towards achieving it. Life is not about just waking up and take breakfast and go to school then get back home to take lunch and sleep and on  and on. But life is about thinking  ahead, to live accordingly to the desires of the thoughts and in a positive manner. May be the statement above is too deep, let’s bring it to a common understanding. Each individual has a goal. Even though they would think that they have come to the end of themselves; like they would wish to die because there is nothing else to do, deep down there is a little light that wants to burst out and shinning. It is very important for a youth to have a purpose in his/her life. For a country to develop and prosper it needs a purposeful people and if it comes to the youth it is way better and they are the future of this nation.

The presentation on Positive and Addiction Free Living centered on creating awareness and the need to have the boldness to go against addiction. The prime issue is addiction especially to substance such as drugs and alcohol inhibit the growth of the youth not only in their academic career, but it severely ruins their capacity to make reasonable contribution because their attitude to positivity is put into danger, their lives and health are wasted, this affects them individually, their families, the communities in which they leave and the nation at large is robbed of the contribution expected of them.

Due to time factor, the students could not ask many questions but there was one notable question:  What can you do to help your friend if they are addicted?

This was what Purpose Rwanda had to tell them:  There is no particular way or particular cure for our friends who are addicted. But what we can do; is to let our friends know how important they are, how much we love them, giving them more value, listening to them. Then once they have our trust, we then introduce them on to how they can be helped.

The Teachers who attended the conference appreciated the presentations to the students and promised to partner with Purpose Rwanda in future events.