In the world we are in, especially in the 21st Century, without good servants, nothing good happens. Through deliberate efforts, creating purposeful servants should be a shared-collective effort.

Participants during Servants’ Hub Fellowship held at Purpose Rwanda Head Office recently.

Why did God asked people to go and serve others? This was a question asked by a participant during Servants’ Hub Fellowship held at Purpose Rwanda Head Office recently.

 A participant says “being a servant is fulfilment of one’s calling that makes others feel better, that need devotion to serve others” Other participants had this to say:

According to Fridah, Jesus came on the earth because he wanted people to be so humble and serve others, not being selfish, not having pride and commit to change everything that makes oneself centered, God really wanted us to be so simplistic and serve others.

Every participant during Servants’ Hub Fellowship was welcome to share she/he views

Vernice said that being a servant, means you do not choose who to serve; you serve everyone who comes in to receive service without taking into account their color, class, level of education, income level, gender, age and culture.

Servants serve beyond themselves and they do not take revenge even if in the process of their service they have created enmity.  Serving through our life purpose means being resourceful to human problems and opportunities. Our life purposes constitute important linkage with services we offer to others and servant-hood.

Servants’ Hub Fellowship was interaction session

A good servant arms himself/herself with such qualities: humanity, humbleness, good spirit commitment and availability, persuasion, .honesty, stewardship, foresight, hardworking and listening to others without forgetting to be real model to others so that they can walk into good foot prints. When faced with storms, servants do not give up but ask God for guidance to make rational choices and action that is rooted in wisdom and perseverance.

In the modern times in Rwanda, a good servant is guided by a vision of contributing in building a Purposeful and Addiction Free Rwanda.