“Building A Girl’s Capacity to become A Purposeful Agent of Transformation” through mentorship constitutes a powerful road map for A Girl of Purpose in Rwanda whose service to humanity would inevitably remain remarkable. This session provides a rigorous opportunity for mentorship and all the girls, without doubt, went back home with ideas, knowledge, and testimonies that would shape their purposes significantly. 

Building a girl’s capacity through mentorship is to enable the mentor to assist the mentees with learning something thoroughly and quickly. Here the concept of knowledge transfer is expected to influence the growth and development of capabilities by the participants. Self-sufficiency needs are crucial gains during mentorship and once realized, it adds into building the capacity of our girls to perform the much-needed roles in communities. There is nothing better than having an empowered girl in a family, there is nothing better than seeing an empowered girl leading development programs in families and communities, there is nothing great than seeing an empowered girl participate in decision making at all levels in her country. Mentorship is the way to go to realize these benefits and gains.  

Mentor’s growth, passion, and work experiences help to spur the growth and development of the mentee. Therefore, creating a special and friendly relationship with the mentees accelerate the learning process. Sharing reading materials adds more to the mentorship process. Reading widens the scope of mentorship more than twice. A copy of a book entitled Raising Morden Day Esther was given to each girl present.

 “This kind of mentorship is rare to find. Not that I am a feminist, but I believe a girl of today should be empowered to know the potential she carries, in other to contribute to the development of the nation”-The Guest Speaker (Donathan). 

Sometimes, until you are told by others that you have a rare gift, passion, and purpose, you would doubt yourself, and this is especially true to the youth. Mentorship is a crucial element of building a girl’s capacity helps to awaken the potential and zeal that will ultimately benefit the community and the nation immensely. The sky is the limit: young girls have the opportunity of becoming entrepreneurs, writers, leaders, developers, and many more. Mentorship solidifies this gift, passion, and life purpose a girl possesses. 

This session enabled participants to ask questions, shared personal experiences, and goals. It was a golden opportunity that enabled the Guest Speaker to share knowledge and professional experience which would significantly support the girls ‘ critically set their pace on what they too would offer to communities they are growing in today. 

Purpose Rwanda is watching, supporting, and walking together with you until you achieve your respective dreams and life purposes. What you should continuously do is, to remain purposeful, positive, and addiction-free girls. Your family expects this from you as well as your country.