Poverty is an enemy of humanity. It can ruin human hope, it creates a serious trap in human life. Poverty is a virus that brings a devastating disease in the Third World leading to underdevelopment. It kills, it is even worse than malaria and HIV/AIDS according to some quantitative evidence. If something is worse on humanity, it should be killed henceforth. Poverty has a huge linkage to malaria and HIV/AIDS by all measurements. Deliberate government efforts however, in the world have continued to reduce poverty levels over the past decades, but the efforts to eradicate poverty in developing countries especially Africa is still wanting. 

The Theme: “Fighting Poverty Through Your Purpose” was used to provoke critical thinking by young ladies in shaping the world through ideas, and these ideas are generated through critical thinking. Actions that originated from critical thinking are more rational than emotional actions. Critical thinkers are well placed to evaluate the impact of their thinking and action, an action that can again be sustained. Critical thinking helps a girl to make a rational judgment about the environment in which she finds herself.  

How can you make the world benefit from your values, talents, and Passion? This was one of the questions to which the girls who attended the session tried to answerThrough critical thinking, a girl can decipher the real reason for the occurrence of a certain phenomenon in human history. Poverty is multidimensional trouble of all human race, tackling poverty from a multidimensional approach weakens its root in communities.  Human values such as commitment, responsibility, and principles are dependable paradigms that A Girl of Purpose should be nurtured and to grow with. These values help any girl play multiple roles in families and communities very well. Surrounded by responsiveness and principles, she can make use of her skills and knowledge in the best way possible to serve the community in which she leaves. Leading an exemplary life by a youthful girl helps to shape the contents of the character of her future children in a similar way. 

Self-management, critical thinking, public speaking, networking, decision making are some of the types of talent-A Girl of Purpose in this decade should have. Self-management is a scientific way of valuing your life in totality. Human virtue and action are inseparable aspects when it comes to fighting poverty in communities. Actions such as effective policy and policy implementation go hand in hand with self-management. A broader intervention by an individual is weighed from the correct formula in self-management. Therefore, successful sell-management practices set a foundation for community transformation. It is through effective self-management that an individual girl fully identifies herself with the aspects of the community. 

A talented girl in the area of networking and decision making contributes to dismantling the rigid stereotypes that boys should be groomed to make decisions now and at adulthood. An equal opportunity to girls and boys in decision making motivates gendered participation in poverty eradication. Families and communities have demanding concerns, it takes the effort of a purposeful girl to translate her talent into a purpose to serve the broader interest of the community and nation she is in. Involving girls in socio-economic transformation by families and communities helps in poverty eradication at any cost.