Purpose Rwanda in Partnership with the government of Rwanda is taking drastic decisions for an addiction-free generation.

Every citizen is called on an assignment to watch over and help drugs users and sex workers in their respective communities to desist from addictions but participate in building a Purposeful, Positive and Addiction Free generation.

Purpose Rwanda has commissioned watchmen and watchwomen whose core role is watching over our city and other districts of Rwanda by reaching out to drug users in order to completely eradicate and advocate for the initiative of fighting against any form of addictions and to ensure the treatment of those that are currently addicted to drugs, alcohol and sex addictions. The event took place at Lemigo hotel on 28th May, 2021.

Purpose Rwanda chose this approach in order to find the addicts where ever they may be. The uniqueness of this approach is, the watchmen/women, using their network and similar way of life are in better position to identify those with addiction problems in their hideouts.  In a similar manner, their relationship is source of trust. This encourages their peers to open up freely because of their similar characteristics.

Purpose Rwanda advocates for the involvement of the citizens at large by being watchful, caring about the plight of those affected by addictions and participate in fighting addiction as the success registered in the fight benefits families and communities leading to poverty eradication and national development in many ways: peace of mind  and mental stability within an individual, peace in families and communities, participation of the recovered addicts in socio-economic development, expansion of employment opportunities for our youth that helps in improving their contribution in achieving Rwanda’s Vision 2050-The Rwanda we all want. The Government representative (Director General of National Rehabilitation Service Fred Mufulukye) present during the commissioning of the watchmen/women expressed a deep concern about the impact of addictions:  “we have realised that most of mental health issues recorded at Ndera hospital are drug abuse and sex work related. There is a need for more efforts and investments in rehabilitating those affected by drug abuse and sex work so that they do not develop mental illness”.

Mr. Fred further said that the government is very concerned about the mental health issues of the citizen that the government is willing to invest more efforts in reaching out to the victims. He was speaking to 25 groups of former addicts that are set to drive the fight against addiction and drug-abuse. Each group composed by 10 people which makes total of 250 people that purpose Rwanda reached unto already.

Purpose Rwanda adopted the use of the former drug users and sex workers because they have gone through all the addiction struggles and they know the ins and outs of drug abuse, substances and sex work, so they are fit to empower and help those that are still under addictions captivity.

Purpose Rwanda’s Legal Representative, Bruno Agaba said “we chose to fight against drug abuse, substances consumption and sex work using people that have gone through that pain, who were deeply affected and as well went ahead to be imprisoned and later released, having lost everything and then resurrected, they are the ones.”

Commissioning these watchmen and watchwomen will have a great impact in rescuing others through their testimonies which is their weapon as they will be reaching out to their neighbours at this time struggling with various forms of Addictions. They will support them in the recovery journey process.

Bruno Agaba noted that this project targets to create and support 400 groups before end of 2021 with recovery, get commissioned as watchmen and women  and be grouped in cooperatives to be able to create some businesses that generate income for them.

Purpose Rwanda exists to build a Purposeful, Positive and Addiction Free Generation that is healthy, full of hope and ready to develop and build our Nation.