In attempt to develop individual purposes Purpose Rwanda organizes reading program commonly known as “Reading crown”. Reading crown is one of informative and purpose development sessions created with a view of building purpose among reading crown participants. Purpose Rwanda being an organization that focuses on building a purposeful, positive and addiction-free generation; we are convinced that one cannot succeed in any endeavor in life without sufficient information about subject matter. That’s Purpose Rwanda has now integrated reading clubs in its activity programs to help people develop a culture of reading, critical thinking in small groups which upholds internalization, brainstorming and sharing of ideas on controversial issues and enhance group learning.

On 23rd/09/2018 Purpose Rwanda staff and other participants met at Greenwich Hotel (Kigali-Remera) to assess what drives people in life. Reading crown participants analyzed common defects that divert people to focus on utmost purposes. The participants read from a famous book of American author who contributed a lot about purpose-development literature; Pastor   Rick Warren, the author Purpose Driven Life. While brainstorming and sharing ideas on chapter three of the book, participants came to an agreement that the following are the main hindrances to having a purpose in life. According to this book many people are driven by guilt; many people are being driven by resentment and anger; many people are driven by fear or Materialism. Participants agreed that these are purpose-killers and should be muffled if one is to reach the real purpose in life.



  1. This is so amazing to have Purpose Driven life as President said that it is very disppointing to have youth that doesn’t reach their goals due to lack of opportunities so this is our chance to have youth with purpose

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