Successfully breaking free from addiction requires taking it one step at a time. You don’t have to get it right immediately.

Fighting drugs and other forms of addictions using multifaceted tools, partnerships and approaches is significant in weakening its spread and healing the addicted. Addiction is a disease that can happen to anyone: it knows no gender, age, level of education, economic status, religion or culture. One thing is certain: addiction is an enemy of progress but it can be fought using God given tools. God given tools are many:  they are within us, they are among us, and they are defined by love, enduring sacrifices, commitment and belief that collectively we can achieve more, and, this works.

Let’s ask ourselves: if addictions potentially erode human progress during day and night, when should it be fought and who should do so? This means, it should be fought now, day and night scientifically, spiritually and morally. It should be fought by everyone including the indirect and direct victims. Families and communities have moral obligation in ending the chain of addictions in order to avoid possible traps it sets for the present and future generations.

Lives that are affected by addictions should be supported to recover as in other sicknesses.  Upon recovery former patients need to be empowered with wisdom, knowledge and necessary skill to maneuver better ways to support their own lives economically. This is manifested in Purpose Rwanda work in fighting addictions. Patients who underwent the difficult journey of recovery characterized by uncertainties, discouragement, rejection by others including self-rejection but they fully recovered: have quickly prepared and vowed to ensure those still struggling with addictions are not left out; hence, becoming medicine to others by sharing their experiences accumulated during the journey of recovery.

They provide first hand counseling service, talk to others about the wonders God has done in their lives by setting them free from bondage of addictions, they are identifying addiction patients in families and communities whose situation require intervention and recommend them to Purpose Rwanda to receive free counseling service and other services that lead to recovery. In short, they have become Watchmen and Women.

Simpunga JB

 Watchman and Pastor Simpunga preaching word of God to fellow patients during spiritual service recently in May

 Purpose Rwanda Watchmen/Women using their knowledge and experience have cardinal role to play in preparing patients to receive counseling service during group counseling and assist in instilling the crucial values of behavior change that helps in preventing relapses, spiritual growth and embracing the importance of self-sufficiency. Watchmen/Women have been trained in giving basic counseling services, how to lead Addicts Anonymous sessions and preaching. These aid recovery process.


Watchwoman Jeanette talking to fellow beneficiaries during group counseling

There is no great benefit with multiplication effect than supporting the recovery of addiction patients, who eventually become Purposeful Agents of Transformation (PATs), therefore, participating in production, poverty eradication and community development.

We can again ask ourselves: If Watchmen/Women can help addiction victims attain sobriety using their own recovery experience, wisdom and ideas, how beautiful it would be if we also add something worthy and impactful to the effort Purpose Rwanda continues to put in place?

The message is singular: together we can build a purposeful and addiction free generation