The role played by Spiritual Service Purpose Rwanda has every Wednesday in recovery of addiction patients is Weighty, Outstanding and Mighty in the rehabilitation of addiction patients. This has significantly changed lives of many since Purpose Rwanda has incorporated it as a critical means of rehabilitation: Restores relationship with fellow humans and God, providing emotional support,  Encouraging self-reflection, Facilitating inner healing, Promoting personal growth, Providing a sense of purpose:, Offering guidance in making moral judgment and decision, Offering deeper meaning of self –forgiveness, It helps in uniting the Soul to the Body and It helps in preparing beneficiaries to individual counseling.

Therefore, the role of incorporating spiritual service as a means of rehabilitating addiction patients may memorably be understood in the following underpinnings:

Providing Emotional Support: Spiritual service offers a safe space for individuals in addiction recovery to share their emotions and feelings. This support can help them process their experiences and find healing. The truth is, some receive this support not because of verbal support but also through non-verbal: the conducive environment created is helpful coping mechanism to emotions and feelings. A beneficiary has this to say: “I learned to be confident, to live with others in peace, and to speak up for myself- M. A

 Encouraging Self-Reflection: The service encourages individuals to reflect on their actions and choices, helping them gain a deeper understanding of how addiction has affected their lives. In this moment, an individual begins to ask direct and indirect questions to himself/herself leading to deeper reflection. Deeper reflection, therefore, helps one to analyze and de-congest the detrimental effect of the burden created by addiction. The number of healing and rehabilitation has been monumental due to Purpose Rwanda Spiritual Service.

Participation during one of the Wednesday Spiritual Session

Facilitating Inner Healing: Spiritual service assists individuals in connecting with their inner selves and finding inner peace. This can be achieved through practices such as meditation, prayer, or mindfulness. Inner healing facilitates self-reconciliation which is critical in restoring broken promises we have made with God.  When an addict sees him/her inner self is being destroyed by addiction, the solution has been offered in Spiritual Service. Here one finds healing and restoration as manifested by one of Purpose Rwanda beneficiaries: “I received salvation and I am separated from the drugs that had made me addicted-B. A  

Promoting Personal Growth: The holistic approach in spiritual service aims to help individuals grow on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This support can guide addicts towards self-improvement and a healthier lifestyle. This point was further validated by what one of the beneficiaries said after attending Spiritual Service over three months: “I have gained to live a purposeful life, and not to go back to my old ways” – B. M.

Providing a Sense of Purpose: Spirituality can help individuals find or rediscover their purpose in life. This sense of meaning can be a powerful motivator for overcoming addiction and maintaining recovery. The journey of recovery is difficult one but faith and belief in the Holy Spirit brakes barriers to recovery and finding or rediscovery of purpose in life. In this regard, Purpose Rwanda recovered addict is right to say after receiving Spiritual service for over 7 months: “I learned to live a purposeful life and how God takes care of my heart and soul”- Y.D.

Offering Guidance in Making Moral Judgment: Spiritual service has turned around lives that have been turned upside down, tortured and maimed by addictions. Spiritual service has restored sanity among Purpose Rwanda beneficiaries. Those who contemplated to cause harm to their lives has rescinded their decisions. Their ability to make a choice between good and bad, moral and immoral, right or wrong is developed and strengthened and one of the beneficiaries testified: “ I left my past sinful ways of life, and I understood myself more and more” – B.K

Praise and Worship moment during one of the spiritual Service

Offering Deeper Meaning of Self –Forgiveness and Love: It helps in restoring hope of those who lost hope that they will be respected and recognized by their fellow family and community members; it has helped in enhancing recovery, those who suffer from self-rejection are able to recover and embrace self-love which is fundamental to spread love to others as felt by M. C: “I understood myself more, and I learned to love myself, others, and the word of God”

Restores Relationship with Fellow Humans and God: Engaging in acts of spiritual service, such as practicing mindfulness, participating in group reflection and meditation or prayer, or volunteering for community service, can help individuals in their recovery journey and this enhances improvement in human to human relationship and with God. Some of the beneficiaries have volunteered to preach the word of God, others volunteered to share their recovery testimonies to support the recovery of others. To make this point more relevant, this is what a beneficiary had to say: “I learned to pray, to leave my sinful ways behind, and to not be selfish” – B.M

Addiction patients listening to the Word of God

It Helps in Uniting the Body, Mind and Soul: Spiritual service helps addicts know what makes them passionate. This helps one to get in touch with his/her soul, to feel creative energy, to feel truly alive and useful. This may be through poem, music, faith among others. The bottom line is, what awakens the soul brings some balance in our lives. One would therefore conclude that uniting the three helps in avoiding dwelling on the negative by focusing on the positive. The testimony of a beneficiary drives this point home: “I have learned that God loved me, and I am no longer depressed” – U.C

Helping in Preparing Beneficiaries to Individual Counseling: Because individual counseling is a unique relation an addict builds with the Counselor or Therapist, preparation to share stories or inner experience and struggle one has due to addictions is significant step. Spiritual Service therefore, prepares beneficiaries better understand themselves and work towards achieving desired changes. It is this very service that made M. E to say this: “I now love to pray, I am no longer hopeless, and I learned to be with others”

This must come true: Together we can build a Purposeful and Addiction Free Rwanda

Individual Counseling Service in progress

This must come true: Together we can build a Purposeful and Addiction Free Rwanda


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