Nowadays, human interactions and relationships influences by technology, social institutions, population and the environment can impact when society changes. Building deliberately purposeful life and addiction free generation is paramount which should concomitantly generate more and more Purposeful Agents of Transformation (PATs). PATs should endeavor to make use of factors of social change towards poverty eradication. Enhancing our knowledge base through training remains pivotal in order to gain from factors of positive social change.

On Monday 6th September 2021, Purpose Rwanda had a training session for PATs whose life purposes focus on Community Development under the Theme: “Creating Positive Social Change in the Community through Community Service and Sustainable Development”

PATs at Purpose Rwanda Photo/Archive

A willing mind, one’s dream and passion can be directed and supported to grow and develop through various ways: encouragement, training, funding, prayer, blessings, being exposed to the realities prevailing in the community, creating conducive environment among many ways are some of the factors that help PAT’s effective participation in poverty eradication.

Every human being has knowledge and ambition to contribute to his/her welfare, but there are limiting factors in making use of the knowledge and ambition they have. This training therefore, helps in awakening the knowledge and ambition young people already have in their lives. Through this particular training, participants were made to begin appreciating that they have potentials, they can do it if others can, they may face challenges in the process of making use of factors of social change in order to contribute towards community service provision and sustainable development: such challenges can always present some form of opportunities on one hand, and some form of test of maturity on the other hand. That giving up should not be an option due to challenges they face in their lives.

One of the PATs explained and encouraged other PATs on how having a life purpose makes you different from those who don’t have, that having life purpose makes your life better;  that you have to find your career but also know about your inner talent, because in most cases your talent can be your career and vice versa.

Another PAT (the youngest participant ever in this session) had this to say: that they are still in their purpose discovery period, searching for their identity, discovering who they are and who they will be in terms of the contributions they can make in community development, that where there is a will, there is a way, that PATs should pray for spiritual guidance in order to change the community they live in.

Purpose Rwanda calls for PATs to embrace the factors of positive social change which should be driven by constructive ideas and actions which bear desired implications towards poverty eradication and national development.