On Tuesday, September 7, 2021 Patients Group Leaders gathered at Purpose Rwanda for Group Leaders meeting under the Theme: “Collective Journey of Sobriety for Collective Gain” Purpose Rwanda used this opportunity to further encourage and inspire the Group Leaders through key note remarks and success stories of some young people who succeeded in their lives but had tough and humble beginnings.“ Do not despise yourself; you may start transforming your life and lives of others by starting with what you already have now”.

Patients Group Leaders gathered at Purpose Rwanda for Group Leaders meeting

The Group Leaders were further motivated about the importance of critical thinking as a core aspect of transformation. “Just have an idea and look for opportunities around you”.  That there is no need to focus on how much it will cost but your personal ability to implement your idea matters”. Normally everything begins as an idea and we consider such an idea as a seed to be planted, groomed to grow before it begins bearing fruits for collective consumption. This process takes time and requires patience, hard work, discipline and perseverance but not resorting to addictions or relapse when going gets tough.

Purpose Rwanda informed and explained to the Group Leaders about the launch of 90 days of sobriety which is scheduled to take place on September 14, 2021. The values of the 90 days were widely underscored in this training meeting.  The Group Leaders were tipped on how to monitor the recovery progression of their group members on daily basis, ensure the group members abstain from addiction habit within and after those 90 days. After that Purpose Rwanda will reward outstanding groups and individuals. Group Leaders were urged to follow and value the 90 days and be good example to their members. That they should give honest recovery progress report of members and they need to keep thinking of business ideas they plan to do after recovery.

The Group Leaders raised some concern on how to respond to the difficulties some members are going through during the recovery journey. The Leaders were assured that the sustained training they are undertaking is meant to empower them on how to respond to such difficulties. That Purpose Rwanda will ensure the AA meetings they conduct within their groups suit international standard that offers solid direction towards recovery from addictions.

Patients Group Leaders gathered at Purpose Rwanda most of the are women
Patients Group Leaders gathered at Purpose Rwanda for Group Leaders meeting

It was further recommended to the Group Leaders to have continuous performance indicating what have been achieved within the week as we journey towards meeting sobriety target in 90 days.

The Leaders were assured that after the 90 days, we are going to harvest plenty and good days are coming.

At the end of the session every group leader gave a brief report about recovery progress of his/her members and plans of the following week were agreed upon.

The fact is: “In Partnership with Addiction Patients and other willing Partners, We can build a Purposeful and Addiction Free Generation”