The outreach in Kayonza was not the first one. Purpose Rwanda had already established a strong root there. There has been an existing Purpose Rwanda Club since 2018. The Kayonza visit was focused on a similar theme to all schools visited or to be visited in 2019: Purposive Youth and War against Addiction to National Development at All Times. The youth of this country are the dream of tomorrow, Rwanda’s future. There will be a President among them, ministers, legislatures, army generals, and chief of defense forces. The sky is the limit when it comes to the future of Rwanda’s youth. You do not need to be an addict to be part of Rwanda’s tomorrow, rather, lead a positive, purposive and addiction free life. The conference was attended by over 100 participants.

The youth in Kayonza Modern Secondary school (56 who answered questionnaires) were asked a number of questions. Here are a few that were considered in this report:

Have you ever been inspired to lead a purposeful, positive and Addiction free living? 100% of the youth say they are inspired. What purpose Rwanda will continue to do is to sustainably guide the youth to live according to their inspirations and skill areas.

Did the conference satisfy your expectation? 100% said it does. The enthusiasm must have been motivated by the fact that Purpose Rwanda is not new in Kayonza Modern. The students value it, trust it, and love it.

Do you believe additional conferences would benefit your school? All 56 students (100%) affirmed their strong interest in taking part in as many conferences as possible.

Would you share with us what your PURPOSE is and something new you learned today? The youth had varied responses as follow:

Ten of the youth said they hope to become doctors and help those in need. Some said they will live a purposeful life and encourage others to live according to it (as a role model); others said they will opt to start their own businesses, manage these businesses, and employ others to work for them. To live an addiction free life, a number of them said they hope to be useful in their society and live an addiction free life.

How are you going to apply your purpose and what you have gained today through this conference? As many as 56 responses were given. Some of the common responses focused on the following: to be a hard working person and be able to inspire others to do the same, following pieces of advices from Purpose Rwanda and elders, teachers who guide them correctly, by abstaining from premarital sexual acts, by making their passion and purpose a priority so that others can benefit from their positive action, and by avoiding drugs and unhealthy friendships.

What other topics of interest would you propose to Purpose Rwanda to tackle next time? Some of the suggestions include: the effect of technology in human daily life, career guidance (many times), how to overcome addiction, how someone achieve his or her purpose successfully, and how to live a purposeful life.