Purpose Rwanda signed up to a journey to see a liberated mind, a liberated body and a liberated spirit. With that, a dream to achieve socioeconomic transformation among our citizenry is very possible.

To bring this into effect, Purpose Rwanda planted the seed of “Purposeful, Positive and Addiction Free living values” at Kayonza Modern Secondary school on 27th October 2018 by not just teaching but also starting a club that will maintain and teach to the core these values.

In what came to be referred to as a life changing moment, students attested to an overwhelming impact they derived from the conference which included but not limited to,

Commitment taken

  1. 100% of students respondents signed up to a Purposeful, Positive and An addiction Free life
  2. 100% of students respondents signed up to abstain from premarital sex and all kinds of sex

Students highlighted remarks,

  • “I have learnt many things now but the main objective is to abstain from sex” Anonymous- S4 HEG
  • “I was addicted to something, but now I have got a direction” Anonymous- S5 PCB
  • “My purpose in life is to serve society through eradicating all the injustice in it, and I have gained what I want and I have decided to become a prosecutor because I believe I can eradicate any injustice in society, in class or even at school” Umumurarungu Eunice- S6MPC
  • “My purpose is to speak into the life of all teenagers to abstain from premarital sex and I have learnt to abstain” Habamahirwe Emmy S5 PCB
  • “Am going to keep my life Purpose all through till the end of my life and am going to have a destiny” Habamahirwe Emmy S5 PCB
  • “Well said, I would like to say that when I heard you talking, it felt like it’s the exact thing am going through, it taught me that am not alone and it made me realize that it’s never too late and also that I was put on earth for a Purpose. Thank you so much, you’re a heaven sent gift”- NZARAMBA Laurette, S5 HEG

We all have a duty to create a world free from addictions, we all have a duty to teach the young to live purposefully and positively.