In order to sow a Heritage of Purposeful and Addiction Free living, Purpose Rwanda convened a conference at New life Christian on 20th October 2018.

The conference was attended by hundreds of students who were excited at the theme of the conference “Sowing a Heritage of Purposeful and Addiction-Free living”

The conference was graced with the presence of the school Head teacher and staff representatives.

In his remarks, Mr. KABANDA Richard, the Head teacher thanked Purpose Rwanda for their contribution in transforming our today’s generation, most especially the young.  He remarked the impact Purpose Rwanda has had on students of New life Christian High School in particular.

A range of enriching topics were covered by Purpose Rwanda in a move to effect the theme of the day and from the engagements with students one could easily notice a substantial impact.

Students were grateful to Purpose Rwanda, they echoed how much they had learnt from the conference and expressed their gratitude by taking a number of commitments including but not limited to,

  • Purposeful and Addiction-Free living

100% of students’ respondents committed to living a Purposeful and Addiction free living

  • Abstaining from Premarital sex.

100% of students’ respondents took a commitment not to engage in any form of premarital sex


The conference ended by presiding over the new Purpose Rwanda Club leadership at Newlife Christian High school which is going to be in charge of ensuring that the heritage of Purposeful, Positive and Addiction-Free living among the students of NCHS gets rooted and effected among students on a day to day basis.