Living for a Purpose means living to pursue a certain goal in life or a life devoted to achieving. This event was therefore called “Living for a Purpose.” The event that took place on March 2nd 2019 at New Life Christian High School which is located in Kayonza (Eastern Province of Rwanda).

With the passion of love, PR club prepared this event, that it would bring light and strengthen what is weakened. The youth at New Life Christian High School showed their joy in welcoming different invitees including the PR staff that came from Kigali.

The conference kicked-off with a prayer that was followed by a mash up by DJ Yash who was animating the entire event with music and dialogue. PR’s Rodney came on stage to energize and inspire the room with some fun dances. The famous dance that was recognized is ‘Zigwembe’ from the song Zigwembe by Bruz Newton from Kenya.


Right after this fun session, it was a time of inspiration and guidance by our very own Ag. ED Anyama Charles, who in a brief speech, presented the PR staff with him and explained in a summary the vision of PR. He focused mostly on why it is important that the youth should grow up with the values of purpose and without addiction. This helps their profound growth and gives contribution to their families and their country at large. The youth should embrace positive attributes over addiction, which derails their academic life and growth. He said: “Learn to say NO to anything related to drug abuse, alcohol, sex, pornography, etc. No should be No, and No should never become YES to such things.”


Then, we moved to various inspirational performances that were presented by talented singers and dancers and some other amazing characters that have devoted themselves to a hope and a life of purpose; by this it means young men and women sing with courage and passion and joy and peace, singing to inspire and to spread the hope they have.


In the atmosphere of praise and worship, Pr. James Kirimi delivered the Keynote. He spoke about a God given purpose, which we all have and that we were chosen to do extraordinary things because of the purpose that is within us.



After the keynote delivery, it is usual that the youth look for something more exciting and spontaneous like an ice breaker. This is when the dancing drama team came in, with beautiful dance moves that kept the crowd shouting.


Something amazing happened! There was a young man who got the crowd on its feet again, by his beautiful soft voice. He sang beautiful songs that were so deep, that sounded quality and professional.



The event came to an end, and Ag. ED Charles Anyama called for a brief meeting with the whole PR club as he reiterated the need to visit the club to have more discussions. The club was urged to promote the mission of PR and also to ensure growth. Appreciation was given to the leadership of the club for making Kayonza branch active again by organizing such a beautiful event.