If any human being regardless of their socio-economic status leads a life linked to why he/she is on this planet, mindful that he/she is in a Covenant with God to participate in co-creation mission of God, aware that any inch of contribution made add up to a bigger output; our community, country, and the world will be more prosperous than it is today. 

Based on Theme: ‘’Our Role in Building A Purposeful, Positive and Addiction-free Society” the participants had motivational discussions guided by a number of topics including what is our main role as purposeful youth in addressing and fighting the economic poverty of the society?

it began by tracing the linkage between poverty and the economy. The stronger the economy, the lower the poverty rate, the weaker the economy, the higher the poverty prevalence rate, while other things remaining constant. Investing in a deliberate effort by the youth is an essential instrument in poverty eradication. The youth should understand that government cannot put money in their pockets, but it plays essential role of ensuring good governance is in place: if peace, accountability, participatory approaches, transparency, equitable distribution of resources (roads, access to banks, schools, among others things), equality, are in place, the youth need to make use of all these. Becoming an entrepreneur does not mean you should always start bigger, but it requires taking risks and being proactive, becoming a farmer does not require one to have a very fat bank account, but having the skill and will is a significant starting point.  

The role the youth can play in building purposeful, positive and addiction-free society is God-given one. We are because God is: living and leading exemplary life amplifies one’s role in supporting the fight against poverty. Leading a purposeful life creates opportunities in the effective utilization of knowledge and skills that are needed in creating a strong investment base as stimuli in reducing the unemployment level in communities. A growing investment base has a high propensity to generate a growing income level, and, when taxed, the government invests the income tax in productive services with a multiplier effect. When the youth work in partnership with the government, this creates solid means of fighting the economic poverty of the society. 

The youth need to be innovative, play an advocacy role, leadership role and should desist from anything that is contrary to community and national values. Rwanda is enjoying a growth rate of the economy never seen before, the youth should take this as an opportunity to do more, this is how economic poverty is fought. 

Another essential topic for the discussion was: What is spiritual poverty? How can we fight spiritual poverty using our life purposes?

Spiritual poverty may mean many things: it may mean a lack of knowledge of the inner self. The inability to connect outer and inner self creates a personality crisis. Being spiritual poor relates to the inability of making a rational judgment to one’s needs and reasons for one’s existence. Spiritual poverty can be overcome in the following ways among others: 

  • Seek knowledge and use it for a rightful reason, 
  • Acknowledging that you are not perfect and stand to be corrected, 
  • Be in relationship with God the creator, 
  • Honesty and sincerity 
  • Having a loving relationship with a fellow human being
  • Leading life beyond self
  • Recognizing the values of interdependence 
  • Charity/community work 
  • Leading exemplary life 
  • Set clear targets and mission in life 

The central message of Purpose Rwanda remains: Leading a purposeful, Positive and Addiction Free Life is possible and achievable, it starts with you and me, and this should be done consistently, unreservedly and with love.