The conference was guided by the Theme: Purposive Youth and War against Addiction to National Development at all times.  The presentation on Purposive Development and Support was on: The value of Purposive Youths in sustainable National Development. The students were advised about the importance of having a purpose in their lives. Knowing your purpose at an early stage and making it grow helps you to have a reason for life, compete and face the challenges that come on your way. Purpose comes in the form of faith and hope. Having a purpose makes one have a stronger commitment to life, faith, and direction in life. This strongly motivates an individual to work harder and make a contribution to self and others. The fruits of such contributions should benefit generations.


Generally, the students were advised about the importance of discovering their purposes for their growth, which enhances their participation in job creation other than being job seekers only. It also underscores the contribution that they will be able to make in their respective communities which consequently supports national development.


The topic of fighting addiction is guided as: How can the Youths be empowered to reject All Forms of Addiction today? Why should the Focus be the Youths of or in Rwanda? What is the benefit of Living Purposefully, Positively and Addiction Free for Our Country Rwanda?


The speaker gave the following advice to the students: That Addiction is not a good lifestyle and all should desist from it and concentrate on their academic lives. That there is nothing ‘okay’ or ‘normal’ with drinking uncontrollably, having premarital sex masturbating, watching pornography among others. They were advised to abstain from pre-marital sex because of various consequences in their lives, study, and purposes.


The use of alcohol, drugs, sex, and pornography should not be part of any student’s life”. Prevent them from being part of you, never entertain them, for they will not help you to be successful in your studies.


Because you are the future of this nation, and eighty percent (80%) of Rwandans are youth, of which 65% engage in the use of illegal drugs or alcohol daily. This affects the individual purpose and community growth and the country at large. As the future of Rwanda, avoid becoming an addict. This is wrong, immoral and it is a sin by all standards.

Addiction affects an individual’s physical and mental well-being. It makes you inactive, unproductive and sick. The country needs you.


Purpose Rwanda advised students if anyone is struggling with addiction problems, the door of the organization is open to help such student(s).