Purpose Rwanda and G.s. St. Bernadette-Save have enjoyed a warm working relationship which has consequently elevated students to a superior form of thinking, built sound human character among them and opened a wide spectrum of choices for the students to choose from.

Since October 2015, when Purpose Rwanda started a club at GSSB-SAVE, a lot of positive impact has been realized which makes annual Purpose Rwanda school conferences relevant and more necessary.

As part of the annual activities the two institutions hold together, Purpose Rwanda again convened a conference at Groupe Scolaire Ste. Bernadette-Save on 13th October 2018.

Theme: Sowing a Heritage of Purposeful and Addiction Free living
Purpose Rwanda tackled in deep various subthemes including but not limited to;
• Purposeful Living
a) Various definitions of Purpose
b) Benefits of living a Purposeful life
c) Dangers of not a living a Purposeful life
d) How can one discover their purpose?
e) Tools to help one live a Purposeful life.

• Addiction Free living
a) Addiction definition
b) Types of Addictions
c) How one becomes an addict
d) Signs that one is an addict
e) Steps in overcoming addictions
f) How to eternally remain addiction free

• The Dignity and the beauty of Abstaining from premarital Sex
a) Why is it necessary to abstain from premarital sex?
b) Dangers of indulging in premarital sex
c) Benefits of Abstinence from premarital sex

Number of attendants: 815
Sr. Immaculate MUKANDORI the Head teacher gave her welcoming remarks and emphasized the resourcefulness of Purpose Rwanda to St. Bernadette-Save and how the conference has improved and opened up students to approach the world with consciousness and vigilance.

After presentations from Purpose Rwanda team, the students queued up for the Q&A session and responded to what they had just been taught and shared with, among which included,

Regarding the conference satisfying the students’ expectations students with great acknowledgement, appreciated the resourcefulness of the conference
– The seed is planted already and it’s the beginning of a delightful future. “Ingabire Safari Amanda Guislaine”
– I was blind but now I have gained sight and in the right direction regarding my purpose. “Ruth”-S6 MCB
– I was asking myself how I can protect myself against addictions and being positive in my life and today’s conference answered all my answers and curiosity- Tumukunde Marie Yvonne-S6 MEG
The sampled students also echoed among other concepts that they learnt,
– Commitment to the pursuit of one’s purpose and working hard to achieve it- Mutoni Djalia
– Helping those in need
– I have learnt to be confident about my “NO” this morning. “Mutoni Melissa” S2A
– Preparing for my future when am still young and teach the youngest to prepare and protect their dignity

Students also promised to apply their purpose and what they learnt from this conference in a number of ways including,

– Am going to use my inspired life to inspire others and advise those in wrong. “Saying what is wrong isn’t rude but real” Mutoni Djalia-S6MCB
– Doing first things first
– Being responsible over my own life
– Having strong determination in me and embracing a disciplined life to reach that point. “ Mukabaryinyonza Lydia”
– To live a life built on a promise and covenants. “ Irakoze Joella”
– Keeping away from drugs as much as I can and dignify my body- Mutoni Melissa- S2A
– Not giving up and learning more than am supposed – Bagirinka Zhula- S6 HEL
– Being consistent on one’s discipline and always ask for help- Zhula
– Am going to have a schedule of activities to do per day and helping others find their purpose- Asifiwe Ruth-S6 MEG
– Evaluate what I have achieved, embrace sacrificial living and have a roadmap in my life- Tumukunde M.Yvonne.
– Changing my habits, help those who have problems as me, work for the best from now till am older- Mugiraneza Leslie-S2A

Students also requested Purpose Rwanda to tackle other topics of interest they find much relevant to the youth including but not limited to,

– Qualities of youth in the 21st Century- Mutoni Djalia
– Creating Hope and confidence in people
– Learning from the past for a better future
– “How would a person interact with their enemies, disappointments and failure”- Zhula
– Sexually transmitted diseases and their prevention
– Several ways of disregarding people who discourage the youth to achieve their goal
– About Media usage control

Students equally shared their pieces of advice and insight to living a Purposeful life and extended their words of encouragement to Purpose Rwanda,

– “Sound mind in a sound body. When one’s mind is sound and the body organized- all they do succeeds”- Djalia
– “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing, If you don’t try doing something you have never done in your life to be a better person, then you had better”- Ingabire Safari Amanda Guislaine
– “Crazy people who believe they can change the world are the ones who do” it’s not an offence, am not saying you’re crazy but you are really changing the world” Ingabire Safari Amanda Guislaine
– Requested us to visit other schools
– Success comes from hard work but hard work without discipline is nothing and without discipline, one can hardly achieve anything. “Irakoze Joelle- S6 MEG
– “If you wanna be the best, you have to act as the best and success is a ladder that no one can climb with hands in the pocket”- Ishimwe Marie Ange
– To use social media rightly, e.g not watching pornography- Tumukunde
– The best way to predict the future is to create it by setting a purpose- Muhawenimana Olive-S6MCB
– A ladder’s job is to help people who have a vision- MUHAWENIMANA Olive –S6MCB