Purpose Rwanda received a warm welcome by the Groupe Scolaire Sainte Bernadette to host a conference on 2nd November 2019. The conference was under the Theme: “Building Your Success Story Starting Today”. The conference was attended by about 500 students, staff members and the Head Teach of the School. 


As the conference began, students were enlightened on the importance of Purpose and why everyone needs to know their purpose and to live according to it. The significant number of students shared with the audience what purpose are. Students were advised that if they live by a purpose-driven life, they will lead a meaningful life. And that purpose is a God-given mandate on earth. They were also advised to set a standard and values for themselves but individually in life; to make very good use of every opportunity that comes in their ways, not to just copy what people do but look into what your inner desire is by knowing your ideal self.


A speaker echoed the importance of a mosquito in the natural environment: why is it very dangerous to eliminate them from the environment? If the smallest insect has a purpose in life by contributing to the ecosystem, then is it very important to know human beings will have a greater mandate to contribute to life.


Students were also told about the dangers of addiction (drug, alcohol and sex addiction) and how they can prevent it at all costs in their lives. We need to note and address any single problem related to them. It will be natural to feel for them but you don’t need to go for them. However, if you can’t control it, then ask for help before it kills you. Many lessons were shared from the biblical concepts to our circular world, how great men were brought down by their desires which they could not control. Addiction is a dream killer, kill it or it kills you. 


There was also a wonderful section of questions and answers where the students needed more light on their concerns and issues and points that needed more highlights. 


 Finally, Purpose Rwanda was appreciated by the headteacher by giving closing remarks for the conference. She further echoed the values of the conference in a student’s academic journey.