11th November 2017 was yet another thrilling and life changing day among the students of Ste. Bernadette –Save.

On a bright morning, Purpose Rwanda fellows graced by the Head teacher took to the stage in instilling Purposeful and Addiction free values among students.

The conference focused on helping students find their purposes, live positive lives and stick to their purposes by surrounding themselves with values that will see them see out their purposes.  More emphasis was laid on fighting addictions that often fail people to fulfill their purposes.

The conference was also a platform for students to ask questions on how best they can be the best they were created to be and were consequently satisfied with the outcomes of the conference.

Many students pledged to work out their purposes and fight any destruction, be it bad peers, addictions, laziness etc… Most of them vowed to contribute their purposes in the development of their societies.

Quotations/highlights by students from the conference.

Uwamahoro Angelique, S6 MCB, “ Being positive doesn’t cost much and no one in this world has ever achieved a lot in their lives by being negative and addicted”

Agiraneza Pacifique, S3, “To realize one’s destiny is a personal obligation”

Ntitegunguha David, S6 MCB. “Only a purposeful life builds the future you are planning and creates new sources of happiness when your purposes is achieved”