Anything that is living and hoping to survive under this planet experiences some changes during its existence; these changes are mostly positive and negative in nature. When it happens that the change is positive one, it uplifts prospects of existencewhen it is negative, this has its implications too: anything change, to a human being, which is negative, threatens his/her existence, therefore, a more serious solutions must be sought to this: this explains why Albert Einstein had this word to say: “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”. Purpose Rwanda Fellowship makes a humble and serious contribution in guiding the youth in their growth for self-benefit and for the community.  “Overcoming Personal Growth and Development Challenges through Purposeful and Positive Thinking And Action” was the Theme of the session that guided presentations and discussions. 

Obstacles are part of life that has to be confronted henceforth especially when they attack purposeful living of the youth. Some of these obstacles are attitudinal, behavioral, cultural and genetically oriented per se. Whatever their form, these obstacles can be solved. Addiction, negativity, lack of knowledge about one’s purpose, complacency, rigid mindset are some of the obstacles to purposeful living. Living with a purpose makes one see significant motivation in life, it makes you care about others, it motivates one to transform the lives of others as well as a motivation for innovation. 

Positive thinking is an instrument that eradicates negative behavior and attitude; it makes one feel happier and cultivates the spirit of self-control and self-confidence. Positive thinking helps the youth overcome fear, stress, it enhances risk-taking for a popular purpose which is in line with societal values and aspirations. Positive thinking nurtures human ethics, resilience and strategic approaches to the realities of life. 

Positive thinking is the twin brother to positive action. You can’t go wrong in action when your thoughts are guided by positivity. Positive thinking promotes patriotism and this reinforces positive action in realizing the benefits of patriotism. Youth should embrace the spirit of patriotism and this supports the growth of purposeful living and its related output in poverty eradication. 

Obstacles to purposeful living such as addiction has far-reaching implications: it destroys energy that could be used to eradicate community poverty, it is one of the leading causes of death among the youth, addiction breeds negativity in attitude and behavior, it breeds community conflicts, the addicted youth can easily be lured into destabilizing activities such as robbery, theft, killing which can compromise national security, that is why there should be no mercy on those whose actions promote addiction among the youth. The obstacles to leading purposeful life are many, but they must be solved. Addiction can be prevented before it starts. It requires the youth to be receptive to prevention campaigns, no youth should give up in life, leading a principled life can help the youth embrace purposeful living and serve their communities better, the youth should learn to translate all forms of advice given to them into practice, they should believe in themselves, create own blueprint in life and be guided by them, above all, they should love God and serve him, in this way, humanity’s problems can be eradicated which is buttressed in poverty.