The Theme; “Your Purpose, Our Growth” was anchored on the individual, the belief was that out of many we are one, and therefore, one is the foundation of many but serving a common interest and from the perspectives of Purpose Rwanda’s mandate, poverty eradication rooted on purposeful life, positive and addiction-free Rwanda. No society can succeed in fighting poverty when you are divided, you must be one: purposeful, positive and addiction free. 

The session was very rich in-depth: it begins by some ontological questions which all participants strived to respond to;

Who am I in this world? 

Why am I here?

What am I talented in?


The central denominator was that if an individual lives by his/her purpose, no matter what one’s life work is if this purpose within an individual comes out prominently; this should result in the growth and prosperity of the community. The logic here is, an individual is not born for himself/herself, but the common good. An individual has an obligation to the community. The trickledown effect of one purpose is as a result of the love of thyself and others. One’s purpose constitutes an element of peace, community solidarity, and nation-building. This is what defines somebody’s purpose in our growth; that is why when Rwanda rises, everyone will rise, that is why all the youth of and in Rwanda should believe in themselves and think big and act big for a shared interest. 

An individual is part of this world out of over 7 billion people. We are all defined differently with unique blend and brand, we are created in God’s likeness and to co-create with him regardless of our creed, color, and gender. This necessitates an individual contribution to self and for our growth. The youth have a huge role to play through their purposes. Individual purposes result in a collective gain. This is how a nation/state derives its muscle, this is how a nation/state distinguishes its self from others, and this is how many dreams sum up to national development. 

Any youth standing out in any part of Rwanda should ask these questions and give constructive answers to them: 

How old am I today?

What have I done for myself and others?

How old shall I be in 2050? 

Shall I still be a youth in 2050 if am one today?

What is that I can do differently and progressively for self and the community today? 


Your talent counts and there is a need to be positive in life. Positivity is a gift, there is no shortage of talent, passion, and purpose in you. If there is anything that keeps you awake at night, let that thing be your purpose because all civilizations cherish it.