On this very day, the participants had a number of areas of interaction but our main focus will be on one topic in this report. At Purpose Rwanda, we focus on a message that enables the youth to realize and value their uniqueness as a God given quality and a gift, which should be protected and made useful for socio-economic transformation. Such a gift should not be wasted or destroyed.

While discussing one of three pertinent questions that focuses on promoting abstinence and avoiding premarital sex by teenagers (girls) and why it is important to wait for the right moment in their lives, the participants of A Girl of Purpose shared these significant ideas as follows:

How can we convince our fellow youth to accept the message of Abstinence from Premarital Sex?

These are some of the interesting ideas:

  1. We as Girls of Purpose should address and show the youth the effect of premarital sex, which includes more than just the physical effect but also psychological effects such as depression, shame, and the impact premarital sex has on the society and the nation.
  2. We should show our fellow youth that whoever encourages them to engage in premarital sex does not value them in a Godly way. They just want to use and profit in order to satisfy themselves. This may be due to selfish ideas and beliefs used to manipulate the innocent girls as sex as a symbol of love. This belief pushes the youth (girls) to engage in premarital sex. This is an unspiritual act.
  3. We should address the problem of loss of one’s dignity. As a young girl, when you engage in premarital sex, you lose respect and dignity. This is an abuse to ourselves and our faith.

The youth needs to be taught to embrace their culture and to have a strong stand and defend their principles of saying NO that help them to Abstain from Pre-Marital Sex.

All these ideas and strategies when put into action will save youth from the issue of premarital sex with its numerous related effects. Our Youth needs protection, direction, and capacity development in all spheres of life. Purpose Rwanda believes that together we can create a positive and addiction free generation. This is a crucial prerequisite for the youth to play an active role in national development.