Addictions have been and continue to be the biggest challenge that blocks the progress of youths in our communities.

Purpose Rwanda renews its commitment to play a part in ensuring that anyone struggling with an addiction can be reached, loved, restored and transformed.

Since Purpose Rwanda received a legal personality, a lot has transpired. Structures developed, addiction prevention and response procedure manuals and models developed, teams established and transformational services commenced.


Now, every month since March 2021, Purpose Rwanda reaches 120+ addiction patients in our remote/outreach services. They get incorporated in our transformation programs, we do groupings for them, have them in families and ensure their daily sobriety/recovery and transformation going on in their lives.

After 3 months recovery, we take them through our Purpose Development programs, develop their projects and later on deploy them as Purposeful Agents of Transformation who not only develop themselves but develop at least more than 10 people in their communities.

The beauty involved is that most recovered patients and those on the road to recovery sign up as watchmen and women (Abarinzi) to reach to others still struggling with addictions.

Jean Marie Vianny, Umulisa and Diane are among the many Purpose Rwanda reaches, serves and walks with a journey of sobriety and transformation.

When one of us hurts, we all hurt

When one of us is left behind, matching forward for the rest gets crippled


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