Purpose Rwanda’s department of Positive and Addiction Free Living team visited its beneficiaries at Kimironko Sector in the village of Ibuhoro, Nyagatovu cell, Gasabo district on 30th  July 2021 to show them love and care during  lockdown. These beneficiaries are addiction patients who are struggling but recovering/recovered from sex, drug and alcohol addictions.

Purpose Rwanda Beneficiaries recieving food package

Lock down environment comes with challenges: tough times because there are few activities going on. This situation affects addiction patients differently from those who are not. The tendency to go and look for money though inappropriate ways including prostitution, selling drugs and stealing grows.

This event was filled with so much joy and emotions, support, care, love and togetherness during tough times. The beneficiaries further received hygiene item, soap and food package (Rice, Beans, Maize Flour, and Cooking Oil). They were advised to keep sober and keep away from dangers presented by addictions.

Addiction Prevention Strategist additionally told them this: “we love you so much and we wish the best for you. We will help you as much as we can to see you develop positive  mind-set, to support you live an addiction free life, to ensure you keep the spirit of being sober and keep your dream alive so that together we can build a positive and addiction free Rwanda”.

Angelique Nyirasangwa one of the beneficiaries had this to say “we are very happy to receive this help from Purpose Rwanda. You are the family we needed in this hard time of lockdown.  The food you gave will help us survive within this time when we are unable to go outside to work and it will keep us sober, preventing us from looking for food and other necessities through prostitution and drug dealing which will ruin our health and destroy our future”.

Purpose Rwanda is calling everyone for partnership in fighting addiction and in helping those affected recover, stay sober and build their future, it’s not a lot of money that is needed; even only your smile can help and comfort one’s heart and give someone  hope for a better tomorrow.

Together we can build a Purposeful and Addiction free Rwanda.