Recovery from addiction can be challenging but through persistent prayer and commitment, it works. This has been the experience of all stakeholders in this journey.

Addiction Patent’s Recovery Status Fact Sheet of October 2021

The plans of those who have successfully recovered from addiction and the dreams and passion of those recovering are phenomenal. Investing efforts in something worthy is always rewarding in several ways whether economically, socially, and spiritually- if Addiction Patients become recovered Addictions Patients; the investment of efforts in this is worthy.

Addiction Patent’s Recovery Status Fact Sheet of October 2021 presented two firsts: highest Addiction Patient numbers and lowest Relapse rate than ever. The significant implication suggests more work needs to be done; partnership is a crucial solution to increase the amount of output in recovery as Counselors and Therapists, but most importantly, partnership through sustainable funding to empower the recovered Addiction Patients to become Purposeful Agents of Transformation. This will not only empower them to participate in self-sustainability but as well as in socio-economic transformation in Rwanda.

Some facts are certain about the two firsts: the role played by Purpose Rwanda Watchmen/Women is pivotal in ‘watching over’ others with addiction problem, the 90 days of Sobriety which was launched 57 days ago has significantly changed the behaviour and mindset of the patients to willingly accept hope other than fear of recovery, which accounts for decline in relapse rate. The best is yet to come.

Together we can build a Purposeful and Addiction Free Generation