Solidarity is desirable in addressing problems that affect members of family, community and even a nation. Solidarity has taken a centre stage among addition patients. While drawing comparison between the life they were leading which was under the influence of addictions, and the current life in which significant number have since recovered, they say they feel better, worthy and loved. That they help one another whenever there is a common problem affecting them.

Purpose Rwanda beneficiaries during Addicts Anonymous (AA) meeting at Purpose Rwanda Head office

All the participants say they have some work to do: some are washing clothes for those who need their labor, some are vending tomatoes in nearby markets, and others are selling various food items.“With this, the daily income we get helps us in meeting some basic needs such as food and clothes. We are also able to provide some basics to our children” as explained by Claudine M who was one of the participants during AA session held on 16th May, 2022 at Purpose Rwanda Head Office.

Generally, the beneficiaries say receiving Purpose Rwanda services especially Counseling and Addicts Anonymous (AA) made them develop positive mind set. That before that, they could not accept washing clothes for others, selling food staff and undertaking other small but income generating activities other than resorting to prostitution and selling illicit drugs and taking or selling alcohol.

During Addicts Anonymous (AA) meeting, participants share their life experience towards recovery journey

Claudine further says, “Some of us have re-united with our husbands because of behavior change as a result of positive mindset. Purpose Rwanda you have loved us, cared for us and showed to us that we can do better if we are totally transformed” as concluded by Claudine.

The group further says that after every AA meeting they attend in their group on Sundays, they collectively visit one member of the group and this is done on rotational basis. That during such visits, they deeply understand the challenges members face during or after recovery. Through the weekly savings in their group, they help a member who is in a dire need of support.

Together for Purposeful, Positive and Addiction Generation.