Achieving rehabilitation that leads to good health is a preferred-durable solution besides reintegration in fighting addictions. Instilling better coping mechanisms and teaching important relapse prevention skills are powerful tools addiction patients are equipped with at Purpose Rwanda.

Addiction Patients’ Recovery Status as of December 2021

Purpose Rwanda’s outdoor service and Addicts Anonymous services are complimentary to other services received by our beneficiaries.

In December, 2021, 67.1% of the patients are in the category of those showing signs of recovery, which is large and growing over the past months. This is worrying. Building the hope of victims of addictions in residential centers is crucial investment in reclaiming good health, which is a source of active life and source of family and community happiness and wealth that tallies with what Mahatma Gandhi one time said: “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver

Together we are destined to achieving a Purposeful and Addiction Free Generation here in Rwanda.


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