On 12 August, 2021, Indashikirwa Group had Addicts Anonymous (AA) meeting and Counseling Session in order to motivate the Addiction Patients to quit addiction and recover, live healthier life, become Purposeful Agents of Transformation who are empowered to participate in poverty eradication in their communities. This session was facilitated by a Team led by Addiction Prevention Strategist of Purpose Rwanda.

One of participants sharing a brief testimony about his life

Every participant shared a brief testimony about their life, especially what drove them into addiction, and their experiences as Addiction Patients.

Unlike other AA meeting and Counseling Sessions, one patient came with her Son and shared this testimony.

“My husband abandoned me with Four Children including our first born I came with to Purpose Rwanda. With no earnings or any income to help us, as a single mother all family needs rests on me. Life became so hard for us.  Due to stress and too much problems, I started taking alcohol and drugs thinking it will help to reduce pain from stress and too much problems. Later, I started doing prostitution in order to manage the Family and to provide for the Children.

The Son of this very patient couldn’t stand seeing the experience of his Mother. For some time, the Son witnessed his Father and Mother fighting frequently before they were abandoned all together. With all these factors combined, their Son started taking alcohol and drugs then later on; he had left home and become a street Boy.

Participants listening to testimony during ssession

When I heard about what Purpose Rwanda is doing, through a neighbor who is also Purpose Rwanda beneficiary, I decided and wished people who are addicted like me should be so lucky and blessed to belong to Purpose Rwanda Family.

The message remains: To Build a Purposeful and Addiction Free Generation