Purpose Rwanda launched 90 days of sobriety campaign on Tuesday, 14th September 2021 at its Head Office in Remera-Kigali. This event attended by Purpose Rwanda beneficiaries who are patient’s group leaders, staff and guests of Purpose Rwanda partners Darrell and wife Brook. Addiction Prevention Strategist explained the purpose and the expected results of the campaign.

Purpose Rwanda beneficiaries who are patient’s group leaders and staff during the launch of 90 days of sobriety
Purpose Rwanda beneficiaries who are patient’s group leaders, staff and guests of Purpose Rwanda partners Darrell and wife Brook during the launch of 90 days of sobriety at Purpose Rwanda Head Office

The campaign has the target to leave all the addiction patients sober and free from addictions for the entire 90 days. This moment is expected to create a significant milestone in the lives of these young men and women.

Remote service, AA meetings, individual counseling sessions is in place in order to enrich and encourage every patient while together walking the journey of attaining sobriety status from drugs, alcohol, sex and other addictions. This campaign helps to develop, support and deploy more than 15 watchmen and women and partners to support in patient’s recovery in every group.

Addiction Prevention Strategist emphasized the fact that “every person is born with a purpose that stands out among all his/her passion. Naturally, that purpose is intended to be the brand of that particular individual throughout their life cycle, which subsequently should be that individual’s contribution to the development of the society, however, most purpose don’t mature, and don’t come out and don’t expand or live the taste of time due to addictions”.

Purpose Rwanda beneficiaries who are patient’s group leaders during the launch of 90 days of sobriety

High level of sobriety among patients enriches re-integration process of recovered patients in the community as purposeful agents of transformation (PATs).  Recovered young men and women are expected to have progressively developed projects that are in line with their life purposes.

Through regular awareness about the campaign, counseling sessions, mentorship programs for the patients, training and daily progress reports, Purpose Rwanda ensures this campaign is successful, valuable and with multiplication effect for months, years and for generations.

Addiction patients of both gender; male and female are struggling with various addictions problems but nevertheless they now increasingly understand the related harm due to addictions and are more than ready  to take  up the challenge and become addiction free to be able to develop themselves as well as contribute in national develop.

Patients shared their testimonies of how life was before and how life changed for better after meeting with Purpose Rwanda.

one of Purpose Rwanda eneficiary sharing her life testimony

Partner and Guest Speaker Darrell thanked the addiction patients for honesty while sharing their testimonies and encouraged them with the word of God using a passage in the scriptures: the passage of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15:11-32 and said “whatever you did is in the past now and God has forgiven you just like the father who forgave his son, be strong and have hope, nothing you have done can stop the love of God, nothing in the past, present or future. The father restored his son not as the servant he wanted to be, but as his son that he is, you are children of God, never forget it and Jesus loves you and has restored you.”

Guest and Purpose Rwanda Partner Darrell speaking to gathering

Media team talked to some of addiction patients about what they think of the campaign and what it signifies to them and its contribution to their journey of recovery:

Aisha from Abishyizehamwe group said “I am very excited and motivated for the campaign of the 90 days of sobriety and I believe will make it because I am willing to change and I know that God is on my side”.

Another patient called Yvette said “this campaign means a lot to me, it signifies love and trust that the organization and the country at large have for me and I promise them that I will not disappoint them, I will work hard to be sober and by the help of God I will make it”.

Purpose Rwanda’s Legal Representative ended the meeting by encouraging the addiction patients and said “we want to win souls for Christ, I never wanted to have a Church but have a ministry and save souls and if you get sober and receive Jesus Christ it’s a win-win. God bless you all”. He officially lunched the campaign. The event ended with the dedication prayer and a song of praise.

The first time in this year Purpose Rwanda launched a similar campaign was in May 28th 2021, which lasted for 65 days with remarkable impact.

The message remains the same: to build a Purposeful and Addiction Free Generation