Addiction to Sex (sex work) is one of the leading addiction problems Purpose Rwanda deals with. People get into sex work thinking it is an easy way to earn a living as a result of poverty, family issues and different struggles in life.  But afterwards, they figure it out that it is a worst life a person can live on as shared in testimonies many times to Purpose Rwanda

New addiction patients group composed of women Purpose Rwanda welcomed who are facing sex, alcohol and drug addiction problems

0n 19th August, 2021, Purpose Rwanda welcomed new addiction patients group composed of women who are faced with sex, alcohol and drug addiction problems. This happened in line with AA meetings and counseling session Purpose Rwanda conduct every Thursday.

Purpose Rwanda applauded them for their openness and willingness to accept counseling and guidance so as to recover and start a new way of life linked to their life purposes. Purpose Rwanda Executive Director told them that Purpose Rwanda is their second family-a family to belong to and to feel loved without judgment. “All of us are sick in one way or the other and everyone is addicted to something so feel free and be part of this transformation and don’t feel guilty but transformation only” he added.

Addiction Prevention Strategists gave them a message of hope where he told them what you have done is not too much to change but what is wrong is to stay in what you are doing. What is important is to know where you are coming from and where you are heading. “As Purpose Rwanda we are here to go with you and start a recovery journey together” He concludes.

Every patient gave testimony related to the factors that made them become addiction patients and how they are committed to change. They requested that after total recovery, they should be made to become fisherwomen whose core role is to rescue others who are still sliding into sex addiction. They are also determined to become Purposeful Agents of Transformation in their families, communities and Nation after getting necessary skill to improve on their participation in socio-economic transformation.

In the final analysis, the message is: to build a Purposeful and Addiction Free Generation.