This season was the most painful season of my life.  I was in deep hurt when I knew my mother UA was doing prostitution due to the hard life that we were leading. Our lives got so bad that we would spend weeks without eating.  On this fateful day, I met a man who was passing nearby our house; looking for someone whose house he was not sure of.  He took some time talking to me and he asked me that if agree to sleep with him, he will give me some 5,000rwf. We had no access to food for a whole week: I and my siblings had no idea of our mother’s whereabouts. I agreed to sleep with him though I didn’t even know him at all.

Unfortunately, when we slept together I conceived.  The man already left, I do not have his details or a way of reaching him.  From the time I realized that I was pregnant, I suffered so much:  I dropped out of   school, I thought of abortion but I couldn’t. My mother came to know about my pregnancy:  She asked me who the person responsible is and I have no answers. From that time I started experiencing difficulties which are beyond my age.

Caring for my child was not easy at all: in the first place, it was painful and difficult to be pregnant at my age. Having nothing to eat or drink during and after pregnancy is miserable experience all together. When it reached the time to give birth, it was so hard that I was referred to another hospital in the middle of the night.

By God’s grace I gave birth on 10th September, 2021. Now am really struggling in life with my Baby.

When I met Purpose Rwanda, it became my family:  Am receiving counselling Services and praying together as family. Purpose Rwanda made me understand that where I come from cannot be compared with where I am going to.  They told me that my life has a purpose and am being helped to discover my life purpose as I recover from my current life situation.

Since the time I met with Purpose Rwanda, I have clearly understood being hopeful  in life gives me courage in life, and that the life I am going through remains as a strong testimony to others outside there; that is why I shared this testimony with the public.

Purpose Rwanda made me learn a lot: I learnt the meaning and the importance of having the Lord Jesus in my life, and that in him there is hope; love and care, that am of great value to my family, community and the nation in many ways.

For this matter I would like to appeal to every girl that becoming pregnant at a tender age should be avoided: it is good to remain in school.

To those who unfortunately become pregnant:  have hope and understand that life is not over until God says so. Opportunities will come on your way, but it’s good to go back to school.

If I were to speak to Her Excellency, The First Lady of the Republic of Rwanda, I would request for assistance to enable me to go back to school.  I promise, I will make Her proud and perform satisfactorily in my studies.

I would also request Her Excellency to help my mother and empower her to be able to cater for the needs of our family.