Every Tuesday at 10am, Purpose Rwanda (PR) conducts Training Session for Addiction Patients’ Group Leaders (Watchmen/Women) at its head office. These groups were created to aid better service delivery to the beneficiaries, to enhance better follow up, and to increase access to those who are suitable to such services.

Addiction Patients’ Group Leaders during training session

The Patients Group Leaders attending these trainings are empowered with different skills related to leadership, management and communication and other aspects of soft skills.  After each session, Group Leaders and a Team of Purpose Rwanda evaluate the implementation of weekly group activities and plan for the coming week.

On this particular Tuesday August 31, 2021, Patients’ Group Leaders were specifically trained on the role of effective leadership skills in leading their groups under the Theme: “Good Leadership for Sustainable Recovery of Addiction Patients”. These group members should first recover from their addictions, eventually become Purposeful Agents of Transformation. To achieve this, leadership is a critical factor.   The Group Leaders were encouraged to cultivate and keep the spirit of helping patients and keep changing tactics in approaching, guiding and motivating them so as to win their hearts towards recovery and in implementing their life purposes.

Addiction Patients’ Group Leaders during training session, most of them are women

The Group Leaders were promised that Purpose Rwanda will never leave them alone because we have collective objective to achieve for a common good: eradication of poverty.

One of Addiction Patients’ Group Leaders giving an overview of his group recovery progress report

Everyone was welcomed to ask questions, sharing ideas and addressing issues they encounter on their way to recovery and suggest possible solutions for improvement, Ejo Heza Group Leader D.T (used abbreviation for anonymous purpose) after the training session told the Media Team that “this is a golden chance to be part of this session, we hope to gain skills we could have got when we were not addicted, I am so lucky to be a group leader and get this skills, and I will share what I get from here with my group members” she said.

Together we can build a ‘Purposeful and Addiction Free Generation’; this is a journey worth working together as God’s people.