Purpose Rwanda team met with students’ leaders including the Guild President and representative of the academic team; the Dean of Students. The meeting was to introduce Purpose Rwanda to the youth/students. The two areas of intervention: Purpose-Skills Development and Positive Addiction-Free Living were emphasized in order to enable the youth to understand and underscore the role of the organization. The importance include but not limited to: enhancing youth’s capacity development, helps in purpose discovery and support, fighting addiction and preventing to become a victim, strengthening the aspirations and dream of individual youth for the betterment of communities, preparing the youth to be part and parcel of participatory development processes today for better tomorrow, youth becoming solutions to unemployment problems by becoming job creators, preparing the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, responsible parents, businessmen and women, industrialists, innovators, builders of hope and spirit of positive mindset that help in keeping and transforming  Rwanda’s values, vision and homegrown solutions to local problems to sustained national development resulting into an accelerated poverty reduction in Rwanda. This is Africa’s collective aspiration, it can be tackled from Rwanda and its impact trickles in the Continent.

The Dean of Students as well as the Guild President echoed to the student’s representatives the importance of Purpose Rwanda’s activity in fighting addiction and supporting the growth of purposes which remains a needed aspect for national development. That preventing addiction and counseling the addicts would help in preventing suicide cases happening among the youths, prevention of teenage pregnancies and HIV/AIDS cases.  Both underlined the significance of Purpose Rwanda-University of Kigali partnership in purpose development and support and fighting addiction among the youth in Rwanda.

A meeting with the Co-founder and Counselor of the university gave in more energy and prospects of Purpose Rwanda-University of Kigali partnership guided by the mission and vision of the two organizations. The message remains clear: Building a Purposeful, positive and addiction-free Rwanda for poverty eradication.