By the end of April, 2022, Purpose Rwanda offered various services to over 261 beneficiaries of these, 160 are those who have recovered from addictions and 1 is of special needs category. All these beneficiaries have received either one or all of these services: purpose development, skills development, visibility opportunities, and networking at national and international levels. The services are meant to develop the capacity of Purposeful Agents of Transformation as a crucial factor that would widen the prospects of their participation in self-sufficiency and socio-economic development in their communities.


The majority who constitute 47.7 per cent of the 217 of the beneficiaries in February, 2022 are either in entrepreneurship or have potential to go into entrepreneurship after securing minimal capital to start the initiate. 28.2 per cent are into the pillar of community development. Others are in Poetry and Literature which is at 8.8 per cent, 7.3 per cent are in faith mission, while 7.9 per cent are into agriculture as per their plans. The fact is, all the categories of the pillars mentioned are either in the implementation stage of their initiatives or yet planning how to start: further empowerment will make their life purposes have multiplication effect in socio-economic transformation.

Service delivery by Purpose Rwanda to its beneficiaries is based on the fact that such services have potential of creating positive mindset, innovation and creativity, risk taking, critical thinking, solidarity and cooperative initiatives which are critical towards poverty eradication at community level.

Together we can increasingly build a Purposeful and Addiction Free Generation.